What is Dispute Resolution?

Dispute resolution refers to the processes used for resolving disputes between parties, for example during a relationship break-up or contract dispute. Agreeable makes that process simple and will help guide you to a timely and practical resolution.

Why should I use Agreeable?

We make the process simple but effective, saving you both considerable time and money. We provide an efficient alternative to the court process, which can often be daunting and slow. This is a modern take on dispute resolution that allows people to control the process from the comfort of their own home.

What do I need to use Agreeable?

Access to a computer OR smart phone and an internet connection. Your device will also need to have a camera and microphone, which will be used during online meetings. Your summary of the dispute and any relevant documents relating to the dispute, for example a written contract, need to be provided.

Can I do it all myself?

You will need to work with the other parties to ensure they are willing to participate in the process (we can approach them on your behalf). However once that is ensured, everything can be done online by you or you can choose to use a lawyer or other professional.