We completed the agreement! What happens next?

The next stage is certification. Agreeable will arrange an independent lawyer who will certify that they have explained the effect and implications of the agreement to you. They will then witness you signing the agreement. Once that is done, the agreement will be sent to your partner’s independent lawyer (organised by Agreeable) to do the same.

What happens after we have a certified agreement?

This depends on the purpose for which you got the agreement. For couples who have a family home or properties, this may include showing the agreement to the bank (if there’s a mortgage) or a conveyancing lawyer to change the title on the property to one party only. It may include showing your KiwiSaver Scheme Manager if you need to access or split funds.

Do we need legal advice before certification?

Sometimes our lawyers will not want to certify an agreement which they deem to be seriously unfair or unjust to one party and will strongly advise against it. While the decision ultimately resides with you, this may mean our lawyers request that you obtain further legal advice prior to an agreement being certified.