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Relationship Property Agreement

About to get married or move in together? We’ll walk you through the simple process of creating your own Relationship Property Agreement or pre-nup online.

Woman completing a separation agreement online

Separation Agreement

Separation is hard enough. Agreeable can easily help you draft an agreement together, then get a lawyer each for advice and signing – all online!

Deed of Gift​

Record and formalise gifts of money or assets to fully reflect your intentions and protect yourself and loved ones.

Couple signing separation agreement

Deed of Debt

Record and formalise a loan of money or assets to protect yourself in the future if disagreements arise.

Couple signing separation agreement

Property Sharing Agreement

Record a legal agreement when buying property with friends or family.

Couple signing separation agreement


Outline how your assets will be distributed and who will handle your estate when the time comes.

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Agreeable is a cost-effective option for getting a prenup or separation agreement – faster, cheaper, and easier than it has traditionally been.

Who’s using Agreeable?

The clear guide to the process, the flat fee and the fact that we could do the whole process from home convinced me to go ahead with arranging this RPA through your service. I would just like to say that I found the whole process – in particular the website, the form to create/send the draft agreement and the responsiveness to emails from yourself and your team - incredibly slick, efficient and a pleasure to “navigate”. I’m not usually one to give feedback, but I said to myself several times through the process that I must give you all some feedback as the experience was so good, and I would definitely recommend your service to others.


Aidan* and his partner had been married for over 7 years with three kids and some assets. However, things had changed and although there was tension in their relationship surrounding child-care arrangements, they were able to use an agreement to separate and determine how they would split their debt, pension funds from employers, as well as detail responsibilities over the children. Aidan’s partner was a shift worker and found it difficult to go into a local law firm during normal business hours. Hence, Aidan went online to see whether there were other more flexible options and came across Agreeable’s online service. Agreeable was able to provide Aidan and his partner with certification outside of normal business hours in the evening and weekend. Aidan mentioned that the professionalism and level of service meant he would recommend this service to others.


Stacey* is in her late 20s and in a stable long-term relationship with her partner. They are both in similar financial situations but Stacey’s parents have loaned to them a sum of money to put towards their deposit on a house in Auckland. Because of this, Stacey’s parents wanted in writing that her partner would not be able to claim a portion of the home attributable to her parent’s gift. Stacey and her partner decided to contract out of the Act as they expected to be living together for over three years and get married in the near future. Stacey’s lawyer also suggested clauses that would protect Stacey in the event that they might have children together in the future.


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