Dear CODR customers,

We are excited to announce that CODR has transitioned to Agreeable. CODR grew significantly over the past year and the decision to rebrand has brought with it an opportunity to focus our offering. This means we will no longer be providing online dispute resolution services; however, we will continue to offer our expert and industry-leading relationship property services.

Agreeable’s offering will include:

  1. Updated processes for relationship property and separation agreements;
  2. A fresher and slicker website;
  3. Better support for those who purchase an agreement through us;
  4. More options for online signing;
  5. A bigger network of expert certifying lawyers; and
  6. the same great service!

Our new brand brings with it a professional, practical, and personal approach to relationship property. Our aim has been to develop a service that takes the ‘niggle’ out of getting a prenup or separation agreement. We believe we have done that, and we hope you agree.

We are super excited about our future as Agreeable and are continuing to look at ways we can turn the traditional legal model on its head.

If you need help with setting up a prenup or a separation agreement, don’t hesitate to get in touch – OR 0800 9 AGREE.

Best wishes,
The Agreeable team