Separation Agreement certification estimate

Please answer each question below and submit for an approximate estimation cost.

Is the main purpose of the agreement to separate the family home, i.e with a mortgage buyout?

Will the agreement divide your assets equally between the two of you (50/50 or close to it)?

Is the separation amicable, and you've already reached an agreement with your ex-partner as to how your property will be divided?

Please note: the Agreeable system is designed for amicable parties who have agreed entirely on how to divide their assets. If one party is not aware of the agreement or agreed on the intention, we recommend either coming to an agreement first, or seeking in-person legal advice.

Will you be willing to disclose documents such as bank statements, mortgage statements, Kiwisaver balances to your ex-partner?

Please note: disclosure is mandatory to proceed with Agreeable. If you are not willing to make disclosure on key assets, or only willing to make partial disclosure, our lawyer panel may refuse to certify your agreement.

Is the value of the assets pool over NZD 3 million?

Does either party own a business or shares in a company?

Are either of you beneficiaries of a trust?

Please note: trusts add complexity for the certifying lawyers, as they must take extra time to analyse the trust in order to provide full legal advice. A trust may require hourly rate/non-fixed pricing rather than a fixed quote. Having clear trust documentation (trust deed, evidence of trustees, evidence of trust assets) will help to keep the quote fixed.